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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a show pig attacked at his home by a bear. >> the family saw the whole thing. f.w.c. is working to keep this from happening again. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell.
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it's been a really wet day for almost all of us. here a live look outside from our city cam. you can see it is gloomy in orlando. other parts of central florida still getting some pretty high rain totals right now. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. >> it's been a very strange day. we got a lot of rain during the first part of the day. if you're watching from southern brevard county, the hits keep coming. here's melbourne down to the county line. heavy rain activity from along the interstate here, 95 down to palm bay. we zoom in tight, go down to the street level in palm bay, some of the rain is almost .21 of an inch per hour here. better than that there. all that surging right out towards the coast. i'll widen the view back out. we have a chance to sort of catch our breath. from orlando to daytona beach back out to ocala, the on-the-town forecast after future radar, still the possibility of more scattered showers through the night.
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what we had earlier, at least not tonight. 66 at 8 p.m. by 9:00 tonight, 65. the 10:00 hour brings us to about 65 degrees there also. i'll be enjoying the weather center now by meteorologist candace campos to talk about how much rain we picked up today. it wasn't just an average day. it was one for the record books. >> across the board. we have orlando, melbourne and daytona beach, everybody seeing records. i'd say it's three in a row, tic-tac-toe, right? pretty much, yeah. as we look at our record rainfall, this is so far today. we broke most of these records, by the way, before about 8:30 this morning. that just puts into perspective how much rain we saw not only this afternoon but throughout the early morning hours. as we look across the board in orlando, an inch and a half. melbourne, three-quarters of an inch and daytona beach, 2.31 inches of rain. again, breaking records across the board. in orlando, the year was set back in 1903. 1993 in melbourne and in daytona
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it looks like today, everybody across town will be going down in the record books. >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> well, a pet pig is attacked in its pin and a family member saw the whole thing. >> now f.w.c. is trying to figure out how the attacking bear got in and how they're going to stop this from happening again. news 6 reporter amanda castro joins us now from apopka to tell us how it happened. >> this is where the owens family says the bear jumped over their chain-link fence and attacked their 200 pound show pig. they're worried it could hurt other pets and even humans. state wildlife officials are investigating. >> those squeals are a sweet sound for chris owens. after his daughter's show pig, comet, was attacked monday night by a bear.
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several times to get over this six-foot fence before finally breaking it down. >> the pig was right here. and the bear was on top of it. >> owens says the squeals woke up his dad who ran out and saw what he described as a 7-foot, 500-pound bear pinning down the pig. >> a 6-inch deep wound to her neck, shoulder area. that's probably about 16 inches long and then she has some other wounds that are probably 4 to 6 inches, some claw marks. >> owens's father scared the bear off, who florida fish and wildlife officials was there because of the family's trash container which wasn't properly secured. >> since the garbage was picked up monday instead of tuesday, they didn't get the food they needed and so he was extra hungry. >> owens says wildlife officials told him this was an unusual attack. he's worried the bear could harm others in the community. >> if it can do that to this animal, then dogs or kids or
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easier, severe damage. >> since the attack, owens is keeping comet in a secure area, hoping the show pig will recover in time so his daughter can participate in the central florida fair in march. >> she feels much better but we don't know if she's going to make it or not. >> f.w.c. gave the owens family an electric fence. they're going to be setting up a trap to try to catch that particular bear. >> one person has died, two others are hurt tonight after an early morning crash on the beachline. >> troopers say the driver of one of the cars lost control and spun out into a guardrail. investigators say that's when an empty tanker truck and a second car hit the honda. the driver of that honda, 49-year-old raymond diaz, was
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died. f.h.p. is looking into what may have cause diaz to lose control. >> a nurse in seminole county is facing charges tonight after deputies say she lied about where she went to college and whether she had a nursing license. she was working as a licensed practical nurse but they tell us when she was asked to show her nursing license, the facility found she never had one. investigators say she had worked as an emergency room technician at central florida regional hospital prior to her time at true health but didn't need a license for that. >> get this. orlando police responded to almost 400,000 calls last year alone. as the department released its end of the year review, the police chief talked about what's to come for 2016. he said this morning they're still working to add more body cameras this year. but over the last 22 months, mina says his officers captured more than 33,000 videos. he also pointed out, while robberies in general are down
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are up. still, he says they're not far off the city's five-year average, but they're not sure why the numbers rose last year. one of the most alarming numbers the chief says is orlando officers were shot at five times last year. >> just this year in orlando, five times our officers had been shot at. i've been here 25 years and never seen that before. >> the chief says in the coming year, they plan to focus on implementing more cameras, improving officer safety and reducing violent crime and enhancing officers' engagement with the community. >> time to get a check on the roads with julie broughton. >> we're still watching slowdowns, especially for folks heading out in east orange county. here's how it looks as we go in closer for you. this is state road 50. we're still getting reports of delays of a car crash on state road 50 at goldenrod road. the best bet is to take forsyth road or econtrail because we're still seeing delays there.
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i-4 at the state road 408 ramp. as they continue further eastbound, it's stop and go. westbound traffic is rather slow, getting on the ramp there. we're in that time of day where things are just a little bit slow out there. we need to take it easy because the roadways are still wet and some of you are still dealing with some rain. the drive times, i-4 westbound from seminole county from lake mary boulevard to colonial is six minutes slower than normal, taking you 20 minutes. a slow go eastbound from the turnpike up to state road 408, an 8-minute ride. >> several ucf students are in tallahassee this week as they work to get results for chloe's law. >> they're hoping the bill gains momentum in the legislature so they can make it a law. it's named after a ucf student was killed and fell asleep at a wheel and crashed into a retention pond not protected by
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it happened off the state road 408 and alafaya trail last year. the mom says the guardrail could have saved her daughter's life. here's more on how the students are getting results. >> a group of students loaded up a bus and are in tallahassee today. they're working to get results and a new law passed in honor of a former student at ucf. >> it's call chloe's law, named after the girl who died last year after the 21-year-old fell asleep and crashed into a retention pond off state road 408. >> she will never be forgotten. we're going to make sure deaths like hers will never pass good -- again. >> the ucf students working with the lobbying firm gray robinson say it's a cause worth fighting for. >> incredibly optimistic. there isn't much of a reason not
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that's why we're going to be spending the day in tallahassee. >> garcia, goldstein. henry. >> students say they will also be lobbying for funding for their downtown campus. the university needs $20 million to make the new campus a reality. >> most legislators don't get a chance to hear from their college-age constituents. it says a lot about how passionate we're as a group of people. >> the students say they will be back here until midnight but the legislation is set to be discussed tomorrow morning. >> and news 6 has done several investigations into crashes like chloe's. to see them all, head to, powered by news 6. >> an old car is coming back to the future. still ahead, when you can pick up a perfect working replica of the most famous movie cars of all time. >> and how uber says it's working to keep people safer on
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more closely and preventing distractions. >> take a look at the rain. it's falling heavily from southern brevard county all the way around to osceola. more and more of that stuff is on the way. and then the cold front still has to come through. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrival of all the rain for you and talk about what this means for your upcoming weekend. >> and we'll show you one of the new plans that's being proposed
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>> michigan's governor and the mayor of flint met today to talk about the toxic water crisis. >> the naacp is presenting a new
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in the water and help the people living in flint to be affected by this. part of the plan is to hire young kids in flint to distribute bottled water. the naacp leaders say these kids should get paid minimum wage to hand out the water instead of using the national guard. homeowners are still being urged to use bottled water and fill ters filters. >> part of the city's plan is to test for lead. >> more is getting done. we're going to keep doing more and we're going to keep committed to the people of flint. >> we've learned the governor has requested additional federal aid. he says this money will ensure everyone in the city under the age of 21 will have long-term healthcare to deal with the potential effects of the lead in the water. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, news 6 investigators mike
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resolution that hits law offices every january. filing for divorce. here's a preview. >> attorneys tell me it makes sense for a lot of reasons. wait for the holidays to go by and then happy new year. i want a divorce. >> well, it's a time for resolutions, and a lot of people who are in unhappy marriages resolve to be happier. >> now there's new legislation that could change the timing. i'm talking about alimony. i'll explain tonight at 11:00 on news 6. see you then. >> could be a fascinating story. two major airlines are recognizing the zika virus outbreak in south america, now saying they'll refund tickets. >> if you've purchased a plane ticket specifically to brazil or other areas impacted by the virus, all you have to do is call. united says any customer can get a refund or reschedule their flight without a change fee. american airlines says it will offer refunds only to pregnant women. that's because the zika virus in
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pregnant women, it can cause serious birth defects. >> uber wants to keep a closer eye on their drivers. they're testing the program. in north carolina, uber says it figured out a simple way to keep drunk passengers from distracting their drivers. they put toys in the back seat to keep drunk passengers entertained. that is hilarious. i've never heard of that toy. >> i don't think they've ever seen a drunk person with that toy. that could be very distracting. >> forgot your debit card at home and need some cash? one bank says no problem. >> jpmorgan chase says by the end of this year, all you need is your smartphone to make a withdrawal from the a.t.m. the bank is upgrading its entire fleet of machines this year. one of the perks is a new function that will allow customers to take cash out of their account, simply by tapping their phones to the a.t.m.
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technology that allows apple pay and other payment apps to work at store checkouts. i'm sure it has to take your fingerprint or something, right? >> you would think. >> you can't just tap it. >> well, it was silver, it was sleek and futuristic at the time. but the car made famous by the back to the future movies, the delorean, hasn't been made for more than three decades. the delorean company got the go ahead, though, from the federal government to build the 1982 replica deloreans this year. right now, a refurbished model sells for 55 grand. expect the new ones to go for just under 100,000. you can buy one early next year. i don't know what i would do with it. it would be cool to park in a man room or something. but i don't know it would be great to drive around. >> are they going to be like teslas teslas? are they going to electric? >> i don't think so. i don't even think they're going
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they're coming out, the old gas guzzling, slow delorean. >> you can keep that one. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. you've been really busy, tracking rain all day today. you called it yesterday. >> it came in late. rain totals were impressive. take a look at what we're staring at right now. we have the water vapor loop up first. we'll start with the weather story there. the blue and the white, that's a bunch of rain and moisture. all the dark areas, that's the dry air. look how far we are from dry air. it's going to be another day of rain tomorrow, too. here's the way it stacks out right now. you see the heavy showers from melbourne down to fort pierce, all pushing in from the south-southwest. so we'll get more of this as the night wears on tonight. this is the way it stands right now from south patrick into palm bay. the rain activity is quite heavy, depending on where you are. around palm bay, almost a .1 of
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it's been coming down for hours on end. from orlando to the north, we have not totally dried out. at least it's not currently raining. future radar tries to pull in a little bit of light rain in the next couple of hours with more scattered showers moving in from the gulf. daytime high today, 67. overnight low this morning, 63. so during the day, we only warmed up 4 degrees and it was because of the arrival of all that rain. temperature-wise, 29 degrees in detroit in washington, 47 in raleigh and 42 in new york. all these areas trying to melt out the snowpack. it's long gone across kentucky and tennessee with temperatures warming into the 40's and all the rain they've had since then. it's 64 right now in jacksonville. 64 in the villages and 64 in sanford and 66 still out at o.i.a. wind support right now from the east at only 3 miles per hour. so it's not super windy. never really got super windy during the day today.
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moisture still coming in. all of this surging this way. we're still waiting on the arrival of the actual cold front itself. until the front finally comes on through, our clouds hang out. we're going to be dealing with cloud cover and rain again tomorrow. here's the clock. 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, troy is tracking light rain as the front approaches. by 4 in the afternoon, the bull's-eye is once again on southern brevard county. by tomorrow night, we turn the corner. heading into friday, it's all good to go. sunshine returns and we do dry out. overnight lows tonight, upper 50's, low 60's. i'm calling the low in orlando 61. here's tomorrow. >> i do have rain in store for tomorrow. most of you will see it. it shouldn't be as out of hand as it was today. the daytime high of 70 to 71. i'll go 71 at o.i.a. look at that low tomorrow night as the cloud cover checks out. and the cold air checks in.
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friday's high, 67. come saturday, it's just awesome. that's going to be a big 10 on the sorrells scale, i can guarantee already. the weekend is looking awesome. >> sounds good, tom. >> thank you, tom. >> when we come back, we'll take you inside the place that's making all the official super bowl swag for the upcoming big game. >> and do your pets snuggle with you at night? you've got the cats. yeah, they do that. >> find out where this little guy, the wild animal was found napping in a south florida home. >> and an update tonight on a central florida baby who is details at 6:00. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app
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>> can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with your pet sleeping on your chest? >> how about a wild animal, native to rain forests. take a look at this adorable animal which found its way into a miami home last night, fell asleep on a 99-year-old woman's chest.
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up, they both freaked out and the animal went into the attic. her daughter and a friend lured it out with food so it could then be taken to an animal hospital. >> where did the animal come from? >> it was somebody's pet it turns out. if that happens to me at 99, i'm not making it to 100. >> my cat will often crawl on me in the middle of the night, and if i mistake it for something like that, it's not going to be pretty. >> if my wife sees a bug, there are alarms going off in our house. >> today, we get a sneak peek inside the factory where all the official super bowl merchandise is made. these minnesota wind craft employees are going to be awfully busy as they create all the officially licensed merchandise for the big game. they've already started shipping some of it out. but they're in charge of everything, the decals, the banners, buttons, even the official towels for the winning teams.
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nfl since the mid-60's. you can watch super bowl 50 here on news 6 on february 7th. our coverage will begin at 6 a.m. that morning. we're your home for everything super bowl on air and online at just head to our sports social page under the sports tab. >> all right. here's what we're working on for news 6 at 6:00. new information about the growing homeless camp outside a volusia county building. we caught up with daytona beach police chief mike chitwood and asked him what is going to be done about this growing concern. what he told news 6. >> also at 6:00, we're now seeing the video showing the moments troopers stop a man from driving the wrong way on an interstate. this issue is getting worse. a closer look at the wrong-way driver problem. >> and we didn't see wicked weather here, just a lot of rain, but it was a different
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